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19 Things You'll Always Miss If You Used To Be An Athlete

Wait, what do you mean I need to work out, eat, and sleep without my teammates? No, thanks.

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1. Always having your best friends around to do things with you.

What do you mean I have to work out, eat, and sleep by myself? I refuse.


6. Carb-loading dinners.

Spaghetti, mac and cheese, lasagna, and a side of mashed potatoes covered in gravy, please.


9. Sporting badass battle wounds year-round.

You never thought you'd miss the welts, turf burns, and bruises that came with playing a sport. But for some reason life just doesn't feel the same without them.

10. Being able to use 'I have practice' as an excuse for everything.

It worked every time.


15. And knowing that being overly aggressive was a GOOD thing.

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Being overly competitive and aggressive was great as an athlete. But now it just gets you banned from your company's dodgeball team and family board game nights.

16. When all "worrying about the future" entailed was thinking about how you were going to win this year's championship.

Life was a lot simpler when you didn't have to worry about getting a job, paying your rent, or coming up with a five-year plan.