31 Things That All Breakfast Lovers Will Definitely Understand

Breakfast, you the real MVP.

1. You go to sleep every night dreaming about what you’re going to eat for breakfast.

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2. Sometimes you actually go to sleep earlier just so breakfast will come sooner.

3. The cereal aisle is your Disneyland.


4. Breakfast buffets are actually as stressful as they are amazing.

How are you supposed to eat every single food in the allotted time?? Asking for a friend.

5. The hardest decision you make every day: sweet or savory?

Because you may have to wait a whole 24 HOURS before you can make the decision again.

6. But in reality, you know that 99% of the time you’re just going to end up getting both.

Foolproof decision, really.

7. You will NEVER understand why places just decide to stop serving breakfast at a certain time.

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8. Because breakfast foods don’t have to be limited to one time of day.

If breakfast were a friend, it’d be that awesome friend who’s always down for anything, anytime.

9. And it’s also a perfectly good snack, for whenever, really.

10. You salivate on the spot at the sight of dripping egg yolk.

But you’re also anxious that the more it spreads the less you’ll be able to scoop it into your mouth.

11. And the smell of sizzling bacon is actually orgasmic.

I mean sex is great and all, but bacon.

12. You appreciate a perfectly proportioned avocado toast, like the fine art that it is.

13. You have your go-to breakfast condiments on hand and ready to go at any moment.

Nothing pairs better with breakfast than Sriracha, tbh.

14. You’re guaranteed to be on time whenever there’s free breakfast in the office.

15. And you’ve spent a good share of your late nights enjoying the fine dining establishment that is Denny’s.

16. You know brunch is all just an elaborate scheme to eat breakfast twice, and you are definitely down with that.

Eggs and potatoes, round two.

17. You’ve been known to order a stack of pancakes for the table to share.

Pancakes = the dessert of breakfast.

18. Bottomless drinks are great and all, but you refuse to choose a brunch place based on drink specials.

Let me see the menu. LET ME SEE THE MENU.

19. You know there’s no hanger like the I-haven’t-had-my-breakfast-yet hanger.

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20. And everyone in your life knows to avoid you until you’ve fully digested it.

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21. But the truly important people know that the quickest way to your heart is by making you breakfast.

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It’s really never too late to say sorry.

22. You’re almost 100% positive you’ll marry the first person who brings you breakfast in bed.

Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Getty Images

Game over.

23. Working out is just a reason to eat even more breakfast than you already do, because you need to ~fuel up~, duh.

These biceps need their morning croissant, omelette, bowl of cereal, and bagel if they’re expected to pump all this iron.

24. Breakfast versions of other foods make you incredibly happy: like the actual gift that is a breakfast burrito.


25. Ditto for breakfast pizza.

This is what dreams are made of.

26. You love breakfast when it’s fancy.

27. You love breakfast when it’s simple.

28. You love breakfast when it’s funny.

29. You love breakfast when it’s batshit crazy.

30. You love breakfast because it has no rules. It literally gives zero fucks.

31. And you put breakfast above all else, no questions asked.

BAE. Breakfast is BAE.

We love you, breakfast. Don’t ever change.

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