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Here's How To Make PMS And Period Cramps Suck Less

We'll take Advil with a side order of chocolate and Netflix please.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they survive monthly PMS symptoms and period cramps. Here’s what they said:

Please note that these aren't medical recommendations. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any kind of treatment.

1. "Eat all the chocolates, avoid all the humans."

2. "Wine."

Universal Pictures / Via

–Morgane Brun, Facebook.

3. Masturbate.

HBO / Via

"Masturbation is by FAR the best cure for cramps." –Emily Cottone, Facebook.

4. "Weed and orgasms. Preferably in tandem."

Columbia Pictures / Via

–Siobhán Swords, Facebook.

5. Get some exercise.

6. "Commiserate with other females."

–Aly Noble, Facebook.

7. "Nutella straight from the jar. No regrets."

8. White chocolate and dark chocolate and hot chocolate and chocolate with cookie dough.

CBS / Via

"Chocolate. Copious amounts of chocolate. I'm talking white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate with nuts in it, chocolate with more chocolate in it, and my favourite, chocolate with cookie dough in it." –Nekesa Mbadiwe, Facebook.

9. Pilates or yoga.

10. Take a hot bath with Epsom Salt.

"Sometimes if it's only moderate pain a hot bath with Epsom Salt provides some relief." –Jessica Thomas, Facebook.

11. And lots of naps.

12. Wear Libra Hottie patches.

13. Or pretty Kinesio tape.

14. Apply Icy Hot to aching areas.

15. Cuddle with a heating pad.

16. Or a puppy.

17. Use a massage ball on your tailbone.

18. Get an I.U.D.

19. Or a Nexplanon Implant.

20. Some people swear by Naproxen.

21. Or Midol. All the Midol.

22. Eat breakfast-y foods.

23. Mexican foods.

24. Foods high in vitamin B.

25. Foods filled with iron.

26. And deliciously starchy carb foods.

27. Drink lots of water.

Showtime / Via

"Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!" –Julia Gray, Facebook.

28. And fresh fruit smoothies.

29. And cinnamon tea or Yarrow tea.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

"In Colombia they make cinnamon tea, you just boil cinnamon sticks in water and then drink it. It's the remedy my Abuela made for me when I first started having cramps." –jamiemaria.

"Best thing I've found so far is to have a couple of cups of really strong yarrow tea, it tastes disgusting but makes the cramps go away in about 30 minutes!" –leao3.

30. Suck on a lemon.

31. Isolate yourself from other human beings.

32. (With some frozen yogurt.)

33. Binge watch Star Trek...

34. Harry Potter...

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

"Lock my bedroom door and marathon the harry potter movies… again." –klanbfp.

35. Or whatever else you like on Netflix.

36. And add tears. Lots of tears.

Fox / Via

"Tears." –Elizabeth Grace, Facebook.

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