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32 Reasons The U.S. Women's Soccer Team Is #SquadGoals Defined

Because they're the 23 best friends that anybody could have.

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1. They get really excited to see each other. Like really, really excited.

2. They've mastered the difficult art of taking a group selfie.

Absolutely no selfie-stick required.

4. Throw each other raging birthday parties.

5. And are totally cool with borrowing each other's clothes.

6. They always find time to be there for one another.

7. Whether it's to do each other's hair...

O'Reilly: "A-Rod, I call dibs on next."

8. Tie each other's cleats...

What? Shoe laces are a bitch sometimes.


9. Or help each other take super cute pics for Instagram.

Did you get my good side???

10. They like to wear matching outfits on the field,

11. and off the field.

So fly.


13. They even wear matching jewelry!

Those are gold medals btw. #swag

15. And pull pranks whenever they get the chance.

16. They love each other's children like they're their own.

17. And they wouldn't miss each other's weddings for the world.

Carrasco and Morgan 4 ever.

18. I mean they seriously do EVERYTHING together.

19. Like traveling the world.

Oh ya know, just hanging out in Portugal with my besties.

20. Hanging out with Ed Sheeran.

21. Celebrating the holidays.

23. And taking super fun ice baths.

Ice baths are the BEST. Am I right??

24. They even hang out when they're supposed to be playing against each other!



25. And they've basically mastered the quintuple piggy back.


26. They pick each other up when they're down.


27. And push each other to be the best that they can.

28. Because while they may have come together as teammates...

29. First, and foremost, they're best friends.

30. And through all the blood...

32. They've always got each other's backs.

Do you believe? Because we do.

Watch the U.S. take on Japan in the FIFA 2015 World Cup Final on Sunday, July 5th at 7 p.m. EST.