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16 Baby Animal Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP

Can you make it through this post without squealing to death?

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1. @instababby

Follow for cute photos of every baby animal your heart desires.

2. @thebabyanimals

A collection of adorable baby animals and their even more adorable thoughts.

3. @kittensofinstagram

An absolute black hole for all kitten fanatics.

4. @cuteanimalpicsgalore

Daily photos of puppies in swings, kittens in teacups, baby owls in hats and more!

5. @kookieandkipper_minipigs

Follow the precious Kookie and Kipper on their adventures in Tennessee.

7. @bear.paws

Follow for irresistibly cute baby animals doing irresistibly cute things.

8. @litteroflove

Babies + puppies = no better combination.

9. @thedailykitten

Get your daily dose of everything kitten-related.

10. @puppiesforall

Just a bunch of puppies doing the cutest puppy things.

11. @bikke_the_chip

Follow Bikke, the Japanese chipmunk, as he explores the world with his stuffed animal sidekicks.

13. @cuteornot

A round up of the cutest pictures to come from BuzzFeed's Cute or Not app.

14. @thedailypuppycom

Fluffy puppies. Happy puppies. Playful puppies. Sleepy Puppies. ALL puppies.

15. @yorkiesofinstagrama

Bringing you cute Yorkies from all over the world!

16. @oreo_the_mini_pig

Adorable Oreo loves Cali sunshine, being carried around, and going on West Coast adventures.