16 Graphs That Will Help You Understand Your Highly Sensitive Friends So Much Better

    Absolutely all the feels. All the time.

    1. Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is a lot more complicated than people think.

    2. And it has absolutely nothing to do with being weak.

    3. It's like your emotions literally have no chill.

    4. Your tear ducts have a complete mind of their own.

    5. And lights, sounds, and smells are distracting AF.

    6. Some normal things can be abnormally excruciating.

    7. Fucking up is basically the worst thing ever.

    8. You have a super hard time handling conversations on uncomfortable topics.

    9. And have priorities that other people don't understand.

    10. Experiencing sad things is not worth the emotional low that follows.

    11. People tend to say the wrong thing ALL the time.

    12. Making a decision is actually impossible.

    13. And nothing gets you worked up more.

    14. It's no wonder every day takes a whole lot out of you.

    15. All that being said... being sensitive also has its perks.

    16. And that makes all the difference in the world.