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Are You A Disney Princess?

Find out!

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Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

Answer yes or no, awarding yourself one point for each yes, and zero points for each no.

1. Is your waistline smaller than or equal to the radius of your head?

2. Does 50% or more of the food you consume on a daily basis turn out to be poisoned?

3. Are a significant proportion of the men you interact with royalty?

4. Do you have a sidekick who's also a lamp, cup, squirrel, bird, snowman, or reptile?

5. Do members of your family hate you, for no particular reason?

6. Do you like to sing? A lot? Especially during emotionally significant moments in your life?

7. Are you between the ages of 15 and 20?

8. Do you feel like you don't quite fit in, despite being beautiful, talented, well-read, well-bred, and able to do magic?

9. Do your eyes take up 40% or more of your face?

10. Are you wearing a crinoline right now?

11. Did a pair of bluebirds help you put it on?

12. Are people always picking up things that fell out of your hand basket?

13. Have you ever realized that you're waltzing, but have no recollection of taking dance classes?

14. Are most of the fights you have with your parents a result of their poor taste in princes you could marry?

15. Do you have a knack for choosing the one ballgown that stands out in a sea of remarkably similar dresses?

16. When people talk about bad hair days, are you like, "What?"

17. Do you have one or fewer female (human) friends?

18. Do you frequently feel compelled to go places you've been specifically prohibited from going to?

19. When you ask an elder for advice, do they usually choose to give it through song?

20. When people want to chat with you, do you think a run-down of your current hopes/daydreams/obsessions is a good topic?

21. Do you hold unusually affectionate feelings towards mice?

22. When someone comes over to your place to hang out, have they ever gasped "You live in a palace?!"

23. Has a plant ever spoken to you?

24. Do you occasionally find yourself in the midst of a preparation montage?

25. Do you know at least one witch?


If you score 10 points or fewer: No, you're not a Disney princess. ☹

If you score over 10 points: There's a decent chance you are a Disney princess! You can find out for sure by attempting to summon woodland animals to help you dress, getting lost in the woods and seeing how long it takes you to be rescued by a hot man, or eating any fruit offered to you. Good luck!

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