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    You Know You're Antisocial When...

    Don't deny it, just accept it. It's better that way.

    1. Your feelings aren't hurt when you don't get invited to parties.

    ...for this very reason, and also because you just don't like people.

    2. You're really not upset when plans are cancelled or postponed.

    I'd rather be at home scrolling through Buzzfeed anyway...

    3. You spend hours filling out the ‘Your Favorite Bands, Movies, TV Shows, and Books’ section of a website.

    Being anti-social gives you lots of time to weep as you listen to your favorite bands, watch your favorite movies/tv shows, or read books.

    4. You’ve probably searched ‘careers for people who don’t like people’ in Google before.

    Once you're dumped into the real world after high school or college, you won't have any time to make up excuses for not wanting to socialize.

    5. You see someone you know when you're out and you do everything you can to avoid them.

    Because they probably won't see you as you frantically run the opposite way.

    6. You actually have to talk to people and the best thing you can come up with is...

    Awkwardness is a free gift that comes with being Antisocial, just pay shipping and handling!

    7. You leave friend/family outings as early as possible.

    And by anywhere, I mean my comfy bed at home. I just hope my laptop still kept the sheets warm while I was gone.

    8. You can relate to this gif way too much.

    Just shut up, I KNOW this relates to you, and in more ways than just one.

    9. You get a text that reads 'are you free tomorrow' and don't know whether to lie and say 'no' or say 'yes' and have to actually wake up the next day.

    Come on, you're always free. But sometimes, doing nothing is so much better than having to get up out of bed, get dressed, and talk to people...okay more like all the time.

    10. This is a response to almost every question you are asked of.

    "Do you want to hang out tomorrow?"

    "Hey, want to see that new movie next week?"

    "Why are you always on Tumblr?"

    "When was the last time you actually got out of the house?"

    "How many days have you been wearing those clothes?"

    Lauren Lopez can answer that for you.

    11. You don't post any pictures on Facebook

    One, I don't like hanging out with people, so there isn't even a possibility of being tagged in any pictures. Two, there won't be any pictures of myself either, because that requires me to actually look nice.

    12. But really, just accept it.

    Whether you're a kid, teen, or adult, just think about all of the money you'll save from not going to see that movie or not going out to that restaurant with your friends!

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