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    17 Reasons University Of Michigan Should Be On Your Radar

    We're the leaders and the best.

    1. First things first, academics.

    2. From MHacks...

    3. To 2 Chainz...

    4. To the Solar Car Team...

    5. We're the Leaders and the Best.

    6. Don't forget about our bookstores.

    7. Zingerman's.

    8. We have world famous coffee.

    9. The traditions run deep.

    10. Watch out for a kiss under the Engineering Arch!

    11. Don't step on the "Block M".

    12. The Michigan Marching Band is pretty incredible.

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    Michigan Marching Band / Via

    More coordination than I'll ever have.

    13. The Michigan athletes are too.

    14. Football Saturday at The Big House with our 109,901+ best friends.

    15. Even Beyonce loves Michigan Football.

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    MGoBlueVideo / Via

    The queen, the queen, the queen.

    16. But, most exciting of all, we have a new football coach.

    17. Welcome ho ][V][ e, Coach Harbaugh.