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    If 19th Century Novels Had Clickbait Titles

    Ever wonder what classic authors' titles would have been if they had to rely on clicks?

    1. I Realized I Loved My Aging Brother-in-Law Once My Best Friend Fell For Him



    2. I Didn’t Approve of My Sister’s Boring Suitor Until My Own Boring Suitor Nursed Me Back to Health


    Sense and Sensibility

    3. I Caught My Fiancé Cheating on Me With the Sister of the Man I Really Loved

    The Jane Austen Film Club / Via

    Mansfield Park

    4. I Turned Down My Love Interest’s Marriage Proposal and Said Yes Years Later When He Got Rich

    Lost in British TV / Via


    5. My Fiancé Had a Secret Mentally Ill Wife Locked in the Attic

    The New York Times / Via

    Jane Eyre

    6. I Fell in Love With My Adopted Brother Even Though My Other Brother Made Him a Servant

    Sinuous Magazine / Via

    Wuthering Heights

    7. I Don’t Care If My Uptight British Circle Thinks I’m a Loose American for Dating an Italian

    Literary Ramblings / Via

    Daisy Miller

    8. I Became a Kept Woman for $20 and then Gave My Keeper $20 When I Left Him

    Stephanie Berger. / ?Stephanie Berger Photography. / Via

    Sister Carrie

    9. My Sister’s Husband Proposed to Me First But He Was Like a Brother

    Pinterest / Via

    Little Women

    10. I Followed a Rabbit Down a Hole and Found the Secret to Losing—and Gaining—Weight / Via

    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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