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Movies I Loved Before My Feminism Made Me Love Them Less

If I saw any of these today I'd be like "lol nope."

1. Almost Famous

💔 💔 💔 💔

2. Fight Club

*plays world's tiniest violin*

3. Love Actually

If my husband's best friend ever did this to me I'd be like bye. (Also, who was the costume designer for this mess??? Keira's wedding look was r o u g h.)

4. The Breakfast Club

You were fine the way you were before, Ally Sheedy. Stay weird.

5. The Notebook


6. Armageddon

Why couldn't Liv Tyler be an astronaut, too?? YOU DESERVED BETTER, LIV TYLER.

7. Elizabethtown

You're saved, Orlando.

8. Pretty in Pink

Back off and calm yourself.

9. Big Fish

"If she doesn't want to marry me, though, OH WELL! Who cares what she wants?"

10. Basically every ’90s Disney princess movie