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Just 17 Tweets That Will Make Anyone With A Dog Laugh And Then Die A Little Inside

"Someone tell me why my mom just texted me a video of our dog taking a dump without any context."

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1. This actual "Oh, shit" moment:

good morning my dog just shat next to my pillow

@greedymyass / Via Twitter: @greedymyass

2. This devout Game of Thrones fan:

I have an Arya Stark list and at the top is the guy on the street who told me his dog would eat my dog

@erikaheidewald / Via Twitter: @erikaheidewald

3. This heartwarming phone call:

my dad told me to call my dog through the phone and when I did, my dad said he got up and wagged his tail

@kookieslut / Via Twitter: @kookieslut

4. This toxic relationship:

I would literally lay down my life for my dog, and she sometimes pretends not to see me when i talk to her. Im tired of toxic relationships.

@mgabriel000 / Via Twitter: @mgabriel000

5. This ~horrifying~ debate between stupidity and the paranormal:

My dog keeps barking at the walls. Now I'm left with two questions. Is my dog stupid? Or is my house haunted? Rough times...

@PepsiClutch / Via Twitter: @PepsiClutch

6. This feisty canine:

can we just talk about how my moms dog is GLARING at her in this picture LMAO

@_megancochran / Via Twitter: @_megancochran

7. This pup parent who was like, "I told you so":

my dog drank a lot of mud-water even though I told her not to & now she's looking at me like "mom, i should not have drank all that mud"

@JessicaLSuchon / Via Twitter: @JessicaLSuchon

8. This quite realistic little lie:

Told the lady in Dollar General that my son was turning two because I didn't want to admit I bought birthday decorations for my dog.

@tori_jarrett / Via Twitter: @tori_jarrett

9. This ~obscure~ talent with insects:

I just witnessed my dog eat a fly out of the sky, what skill.

@gedohu / Via Twitter: @gedohu

10. This unbelievable betrayal:

My dog just got out of bed with me to lay on the floor and I can't remember the last time I felt this betrayed

@JGerber20 / Via Twitter: @JGerber20

11. This mom's ~real~ priority:

My mom put a life jacket on my dog today but never once asked where my life jacket was

@AllieGermano / Via Twitter: @AllieGermano

12. This extra-special message:

Someone tell me why my mom just texted me a video of our dog taking a dump without any context.

@shinjanator / Via Twitter: @shinjanator

13. This beautiful lesson on acceptance:

i just lectured my dog on how important it is to accept the cat into the family and times like this makes me realize i need a hobby

@worrack21 / Via Twitter: @worrack21

14. This ~truly~ nauseating self-sufficiency:

my dog threw up and i told my mom and she said "it's okay she will eat it"

@kaciegrogan / Via Twitter: @kaciegrogan

15. This very upsetting identity crisis:

I've just told my dog that the bowl she's eating out of actually says "CAT."

@sawdustbear / Via Twitter: @sawdustbear

16. This really spoiled pup:

Let's just say that my friend is a little too "extra" when it comes to her dog...

@GillianHaos / Via Twitter: @GillianHaos

17. And finally, this messy morning surprise:

Today I woke up & told myself I was gonna have a good day & came downstairs & my dog had explosive diarrhea all over the rug

@haiiiiiiiiilllz / Via Twitter: @haiiiiiiiiilllz

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