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    Posted on Aug 6, 2017

    24 Sorority Girl Truths You Probably Never Knew

    "My sisters are the most genuine people I've ever met and push me to be a better person every day."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the biggest misconceptions about sorority life that they're tired of hearing. Here are some of the best responses of what they want you to know about being in a sorority:

    1. They literally don't ~pay~ for their friends.

    "The one that bugs me the most is that we paid for our friends. Not only does it imply that we can't make friends on our own but it also implies that friendship can be bought."

    Submitted by Virginia

    2. They're absolutely not in a cult.

    "I'm so tired of being asked if it's like a cult because we 'initiate' our members."

    Submitted by pascalel4e4a19486

    3. They're also not shallow by default.

    "There's always this misconception that sorority girls are shallow and party all the time. My sorority (as does any other) hosted multiple philanthropic events, raising thousands of dollars. In addition to our own, we also participated in the fundraising events held by the other 10 sororities, as well as the 14 fraternities on campus."

    Submitted by sohollysaid

    4. Their sisters do not turn into satan when they join, but thanks for asking.

    "One of the misconceptions I heard when I first joined my sorority is... that once you get in the sorority, they aren't nice to you anymore like they were during recruitment. When I joined my sorority, I felt welcome."

    Submitted by cheesybreezy37

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    5. They are accepting of people from every walk of life.

    "My sorority accepts every type of women, no matter her skin color, size, or background, and recently, we changed our policies to have our LGBT sisters bring their girlfriends as dates to social events."

    Submitted by cheesybreezy37

    6. No, not every single one of them ~must~ be BFFs with each other.

    "That you're best friends with all your sisters. In a chapter of over 100 women, it's only natural to not be fond of a few people. At the end of the day you're still sisters, a lot of biological siblings don't get along either."

    Submitted by toriw4be5f1610

    7. They're definitely not forced to do weird things in order to join.

    "Every time someone finds out I'm in a sorority they say: "Oh....what'd they do to you?!?" My sorority sisters welcomed me in since the day I accepted my bid. My pledging process did not include any hazing or force me to do anything that I didn't want to do."

    Submitted by nicolealyssa25

    8. They truly are smart and driven young women.

    "Probably the most annoying misconception I hear is that sorority girls are 'airheads' which is just laughably untrue. We have crazy high GPA standards, mandatory study hours, and are encouraged regularly to find tutors if we need them."

    Submitted by stephs4f3e02a1a

    9. They aren't only friends with girls in their sorority.

    "That we are super cliquey. We aren't. Just because we have friends in our sorority doesn't mean we don't have friends outside of the sorority. My best friend isn't even in one and some of my closest friends are in other sororities at the same school!"

    Submitted by ariell441a6913b

    10. They aren't judgmental and mean.

    "One of the things that bothers me most about sorority misconceptions is the idea that we are constantly judging and tearing down the other women around us. That is not true! When we go through recruitment, we look for girls who would fit best with our chapter — and not at all based on appearance... We do not care what size you wear or the color of your hair, nor do we care if you have different beliefs. We just want members who can help our chapter grow and can be there to support each other, no matter what."

    Submitted by cs20190596

    11. No, all the different sororities do not hate each other.

    "What always bothered me was the stigma about negative relationships between sororities! Yes, chapters have friendly competitions, but all for school spirit. Sorority girls are usually some of the most giving and social women out there, and just because you are part of one chapter doesn't mean strong bonds can't be built with others!"

    Submitted by ElizabethK0307

    12. Boys and parties are actually not their only priorities.

    "Probably the most annoying one is that we don't care about anything except boys and partying. My sisters and I always worked hard to achieve our academic goals."

    Submitted by kelseyt41f67bc5d

    13. They aren't all financially supported by their parents.

    "One stigma that always got to me was that we always had daddy pay for everything. I worked so hard to get a scholarship to pay for my school, and while maintaining a 3.5 GPA to keep that scholarship, I worked two jobs to pay for groceries and my sorority dues myself. But I'll tell you, that was some of the best money I ever spent because my sisters helped me become so much more self-confident and showed me how to love myself! I wouldn't be nearly as successful today if it weren't for my sorority!"

    Submitted by madelync4cc4dcc64

    14. Being in a sorority definitely does not degrade women.

    "People always say that 'being in a sorority is degrading to women' and that if you're in a sorority, you can't be feminist and that you are only in it to impress men, which is so false. Sororities are great ways for women to empower other women and they provide amazing leadership opportunities for us. Not to mention they were all founded by badass women!"

    Submitted by abbyk403ba43bc

    15. They don't throw ragers in the sorority houses.

    "We. Cannot. Have. Parties. At. The. House. You always see movies where sorority houses throw these huge rangers, and none of that is true. Boys literally can't even be in the bedrooms at night and there's a complete no alcohol policy."

    Submitted by Rachel Gunther, Facebook

    16. They aren't all clones of each other.

    "My biggest thing was that all sorority girls look the same, think the same, act the same, etc. My sorority was full of the most unique, interesting, passionate women I've ever met. Everyone brought different experiences and ways of thinking, and it was really a great group of girls. We weren't just carbon copies of each other."

    Submitted by jessmkaaa

    17. They do, in fact, hold themselves to high standards.

    "We actually have really high standards of both behavior and grades. If you fell below a certain GPA, you were banned from all social events for the semester and from voting or speaking in meetings. Behavior was the same. There is a Standards board to deal with infractions and punishments."

    Submitted by rachaela413faa0ea

    18. No one thinks hazing is okay.

    "Hazing. It is NOT THE NORM. No self respecting person would either perform or put up with hazing. We hold each other to a higher standard."

    Submitted by beccas4f617f104

    19. Their lives do not revolve around alcohol.

    "The biggest misconception is that everything we do involves alcohol. Don't get me wrong, some of us enjoy drinking (like literally almost every other college kid) but it is not the basis of what we do. Actually, all 26 of the national sororities are not allowed to have alcohol or drugs of any kind on their premises."

    Submitted by madison19960703

    20. They have goals.

    "That sorority women don't have high aspirations. Many of my sisters are smart, have jobs during the school year, earn competitive summer internships and end up with amazing jobs after college."

    Submitted by sarahs4e8fcee3b

    Type A Films

    21. They aren't slutty.

    "That we're promiscuous! I was single 3/4 of my college years and slept with 0 people during that time. Such behavior is as equally common in the Greek world as it is the rest of campus. And what's wrong with being empowered and going after a guy in the first place??"

    Submitted by rachelmoriahg

    22. Living in the sorority house is actually great.

    "I lived in my sorority house, and I always hated how people thought that the idea of living with 30 other women would be 'living hell.' It especially bothered me when other women would say how they could never live with a bunch of women because it would be 'too catty.' Sure, there's going to be drama, but that comes with sharing a living space with anyone."

    Submitted by megang44bfb72d4

    23. How sorority house bedrooms are portrayed in the movies are not how they actually are.

    "The biggest media depiction that makes me laugh is that we have these huge houses with each girl in their own private princess room. I shared a tiny room with my best friend, barely enough room in there for two twin size beds and two desks."

    Submitted by Lisa Winston, Facebook

    24. And lastly, yes, they are real, genuine people.

    "That we're all fake! My sisters are the most genuine people I've ever met and push me to be a better person every day. They offer perspectives that are new to me and are always the first to go out of their way to help."

    Submitted by Clarey Pass, Facebook

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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