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If You’re Lactose Intolerant And Don’t 100% Relate To All Of These Moments, You’re Not Real

"This is so unfair."

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1. The debate of whether or not to take a chance on the lactose that occurs every day, if not every hour.


2. When you decide that your depressing lack of self-control is actually a testament to your courage.

@JimGaffigan / Via Twitter: @JimGaffigan

3. Consistently feeling misunderstood by those who were dealt the luckier hand and can have as much lactose as their heart desires.

4. Like when your friend enjoys some decadent mac 'n' cheese right in front of you and doesn't think it's a big deal.

5. All your existential crises stem from this aisle at the grocery store.

@ryanmatt_rocha / Via Twitter: @ryanmatt_rocha

6. Because when you remember the last time you had lactose, your heart literally stops beating.

Disney / Via

7. When someone has the audacity to suggest not eating the lactose-filled treat you want, you're always offended.

8. You basically always come to the conclusion that you can't live in fear and should honestly just have whatever you want.


9. You live each day knowing that consuming lactose can ~and will~ absolutely destroy your insides, but of course that never stops you.

10. But if you ever DO eat something with lactose and it doesn't bother you all that much, you feel like heaven's light has shone down upon you.


11. This literally can never be you and that's just a very sad fact.

@the_newest_newbs / Via

12. You don't understand why you are constantly faced with the choice between being happy with some ice cream or being sad so your stomach doesn't get upset.


13. When you don't have Lactaid pills on hand, you feel like the world is about to end.

14. Because your Lactaid pills truly have become a part of who you are.

@emirrryyyyyy / Via

15. This pic basically sums up the internal struggle you face every day.

dolp3r / Via

16. You're devastated when you realize that basically everything good in this world contains some sort of lactose.

17. Because not being able to eat any of this without feeling horrible afterward is truly a travesty.

@celiantan / Via

18. And if the intolerance suddenly appears out of nowhere as you get older, you automatically develop trust issues.

19. You've literally sent this snap before.

@robbierob83 / Via

20. You always feel personally victimized when your stomach fails you, even though you obviously knew what was bound to happen when you decided to have all that cheese earlier.

NBC / Via

21. You are always making vows to yourself to not make the same mistake again.


22. Because when the opportunity to have lactose arises, you're always like: "Eh what's the worst that could happen?"

23. But alas, you always end up with the same results.

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