Just 19 Times Captain Jack Sparrow Was Actually A Hilarious Masterpiece

    "We shall have a magnificent garden party and you're not invited."

    1. That one time he deviated from the script to celebrate soil...

    2. ...even though he didn't quite understand its purpose.

    3. When his ship was literally sinking so he just stepped onto a nearby dock.

    4. When he really knew how to make a girl feel special.

    5. When his memory was hazy.

    6. When he chose to demonstrate the kindness of his soul.

    7. When he judged Barbossa's styling choices.

    8. When he gave this very important yet ~unique~ set of instructions.

    9. When he was about to cry real tears over the fact Elizabeth burned the rum.

    10. When he had this ~clever~ idea.

    11. When he was all like: "LOL ya for sure, I'll keep my eyes peeled."

    12. When he ~clearly~ put selective hearing to use.

    13. When he decided to throw a very exclusive shindig.

    14. When he rattled off this ~extraordinary~ diss.

    15. When he was lowkey the most truthful person on the island.

    16. When he accepted this insult as an affirmation.

    17. When he was trying to make a dramatic exit, but literally fell short.

    18. When he was like: "WTF, stop?"

    19. And alas, when he told his father that lighting ~truly~ was everything.