12 Food Network Chefs You Didn’t Know Were Hot

I’d be happy with any of these men cooking in my kitchen! Because really, is there anything sexier than a man who can cook?

12. Aarón Sanchez

Who knew this CHOPPED judge was covered in tattoos? He should judge without a shirt more often!

11. Jeff Mauro

The host of Food Network show Sandwich King, he can go make ME a sandwich!

10. I know he’s old but …

Bobby Flay can still cook in my kitchen

9. Paula Deen’s Oldest Son — Jamie Deen

Who wouldn’t love Paula Deen as their mother-in-law? Though I’d probably be 20 pounds heavier with each stick of butter she adds to every meal!

8. And her youngest son — Bobby Deen

Cause every girl loves a boy who loves his momma right?

7. Mark Dacascos

This Hawaiian stud who hosts Iron Chef is also a master in karate and kung fu. I could learn a few moves from him.

6. Scott Conant


5. Jamie Oliver

His show The Naked Chef unfortunately doesn’t have a literal title. Or his book with the same title. Dammit.

4. Darrell “DAS” Smith

Only a finalist on The Next Food Network Star, he still makes my list. Yummy.

3. Tyler Florence

His first show, How to Boil Water, sounds like a perfect fit for me.

2. Rocco Dispirito

Cook book author as well as producer for Rachel Ray. Now if only he was the one bagging my groceries.

1. And Finally … Danny Boome

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM … (you know the rest)

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