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  • Hollywood’s Sexiest Vampires

    Vampires got even hotter this week with the announcement that Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, the stars of True Blood, got engaged. To celebrate, watch the 15 sexiest bloodsuckers onscreen.

  • 14 Zombie Movie Dos and Don’ts

    Zombies have crawled their way up the cinema food chain, from schlocky B-movies (Return of the Living Dead), to unexpected blockbusters (28 Days Later), and finally to art house, with two undead flicks, Colin and Dead Snow, making splashes at Cannes and Sundance, respectively. Dead Snow, about a group of skiers taking on a mountain full of zombie Nazis, opens in limited release on Friday, and to celebrate, The Daily Beast has assembled this handy list of Dos and Don’ts…just in case you find yourself fighting off a zombie invasion.

  • The Town That Won’t Stop Burning

    The town of Coatesville, PA, has suffered 50 fires in 15 months, making it the site of the country’s worst arson epidemic in decades, and providing a frightening case study in how the crime of fire-setting can turn self-perpetuating. PLUS, watch original video of Coatesville’s terrified residents.

  • Documentary Claims to ‘Out’ Politicians

    Outrage, a controversial new documentary that claims to “out” some prominent politicians (including at least one 2012 contender), premiered at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival. Reporter Jason Bellini interviews the film’s director, and looks at what the mainstream media have said—and haven’t said—about the film.

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