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    When People Ask For Warm And Cozy Film Recommendations, I Tell Them To Watch These 11 Movies

    Pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate and curl up with these classics.

    IT'S FINALLY (almost) FALL! There's nothing better than cozying up on a cold autumn day with a movie that makes you feel like you have a million blankets wrapped around you; which is exactly what these 12 movies do.

    1. Dead Poets Society

    Everett Collection

    Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Robin Williams will forever be our beloved English teacher, inspiring our hearts.

    Where to watch: YouTube Free, Amazon Prime, & Apple TV $3.99

    2. The Father of the Bride I and II

    Buena Vista Pictures / ©Buena Vista Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection, Buena Vista

    These movies make my heart so full seeing the love between a father and his daughter during the most important moments of both of their lives.

    Where to watch: Amazon, Apple TV & YouTube $3.99

    3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

    ©Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection

    Starting a new school can be scary, especially when you find out you're a prestigious wizard. Everything about this movie is crisp and comfy as a new world is created.

    Where to watch: HBO Max, FuboTV, or Amazon Prime $3.99

    4. Jumanji (1995)

    (c)Columbia Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

    The original Jumanji was my go-to movie when I stayed home from school as a kid. It's comforting and adventurous, but all the madness takes place on a cold New England fall day.

    Where to watch: Hulu, Freeform, Sling TV

    5. Knives Out

    Claire Folger / © Lionsgate / courtesy Everett Collection

    The origin story to Chris Evans' famous sweater revolves around a mysterious family gathered in the Victorian New England home of their patriarch where chaos ensues.

    Where to watch: Amazon Prime

    6. Mystic Pizza

    (c) Samuel Goldwyn/ Courtesy: Everett Collection.

    Julia Roberts shines in this hidden gem of a movie that makes your heart happy on friendship, love, and most importantly, warm pizza.

    Where to watch: Netflix, YouTube Free

    7. Riding in Cars With Boys

    (c) Samuel Goldwyn/ Courtesy: Everett Collection.

    Another hidden gem which stars Drew Barrymore as a teen mom navigating the '60s, '70s and '80s. It's full of wild life experiences, charm, and touching moments.

    Where to watch: Pluto TV, Amazon Prime

    8. School Ties

    © Paramount / Courtesy Everett Collection

    This movie has similar vibes to Dead Poets Society as it takes place at an all boys prep school, but deals with the incredibly important issue of anti-Semitism in the 1950s.

    Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Showtime, Sling tv, fuboTV

    9. St. Elmo's Fire

    (c) Columbia / courtesy Everett Collection

    Love triangles, road trips, and saxophones. This '80s classic focuses on a group of friends the year after they graduate college.

    Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sling TV

    10. When Harry Met Sally

    (c) Columbia Pictures/ Courtesy: Everett Collection.

    I can't think of fall without thinking of this film. It is a perfect enemies-friends-to lovers story surrounded by gorgeous New York foliage.

    Where to watch: HBO Max

    11. You've Got Mail

    (c) Warner Bros./ Courtesy: Everett Collection

    Meg Ryan is the queen of comfort movies, and this one will hit you right in the nostalgia feels. It might be a little dated with the whole e-mail storyline, but every time I watch I still swoon. Don't forget to support your local bookstores!

    Where to watch: HBO Max

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