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11 Reasons Why Craft Beer Festivals Are Effing Amazing

"Let's go back to that one booth that fills the cup up all the way."

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Don't even act like you don't start craving a new drank after your 7th unlimited mimosa at brunch. There are so many different, WONDERFUL brews at beer festivals that you get serious FOMO the moment you step through the gate.

2. It’s an excuse to get hammed at 2pm on a Saturday instead of 8pm. (YAAAAAAAAAAS HONEY)

Betty White is all of us AF. Boozy brunches are more for Sunday Fundays, but don't let that discourage you from getting the party started early on Saturday! Get that morning workout in so your body is ready to rehydrate with all da hops.

3. Beerfests are the perfect drinking events for the late-twenties-and-up crowd.


You won't be surrounded by ratchy 21-year-olds looking for dollar rail drinks; beer festival-goers are older, wiser, and happy to spend the extra entrance fee to sample a wide variety of brews (and get sloshed while being all connoisseur-like).

4. They usually have sick music acts so you can show off your moves.

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Further proving that they cater to the late-twenties-and-up crowd, two of the last beer festivals I attended had Alien Ant Farm and Hoobastank…HOOBASTANK! A truly amazing "Reason" to attend. (good God my puns are awful)

5. There are fun activities to attempt to do while getting wasty in the sun.


From dancing your heart out to riding a mechanical pig, to taking a drunk Photobooth souvenir pic for your mom (she will be so proud!), there are countless things to fail at after your twentieth sample.

6. You befriend certain booths and they hook dat shit up.

Rave about how one booth's pilsner is better than another's and they will fill your little glass all the way to the top every time. They might even throw in a beer koozie to protect your glass when your drunk ass drops it later.

7. Beer festivals are FOOD TRUCK HEAVEN.

Zesty brats, pizza, hipster food made from organic grass and foraged mushrooms…the options are endless! Go ahead and treat yoself to an $11 non-GMO lentil burger with sprouts and curried beet sauce—you deserve it!

8. You walk around a lot so you’re also being healthy AF.

Didn't get that morning workout in? No problem! Hit every single booth so you get in as much walking as you can. You will also be sprinting to your fave booths during the last 15 minutes of the festival so you'll be keeping that heart rate way up!

9. No one judges your drunk antics like they do at wine tastings.

"OoOoOo I want to try your 5.4% amber ale, could you just add some to my glass? Thanks! Yup, I don't curr that there's already IPA in it."

Wine snobs would look at you like you were slowly sprouting a second nose.

10. You have a full day to recover for work (unlike Sunday Funday brunches).

Most beer festivals take place on Saturday, so there's no need to worry about pretending to be all chipper and like you don't smell like beer and ass at work the next day. Let it all out Saturday then spend Sunday getting your life together.

11. There's no better place to celebrate our love for beer.

Nuff said.

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