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      Some western countries and Ukraine were hastily accused the Russian contact in the accident even though there was no evidence MH17, Russian Deputy Defense said. He suggested Kiev answer 10 questions to prove their duty for a fair investigation of MH17. In an interview with the TV channel Russia Today, Russian Deputy Defense Anatoly Antonov has criticized Western nations for making hasty conclusions just 24 hours after the accident while there is no concrete evidence . Mr. Antonov has posed 10 questions to the officials implicated in the Mh17. “Answering these questions will help to prevent such disasters in the future as” Mr. Antonov said. 10 questions for the authorities of Ukraine: 1 Immediately after the disaster, Ukraine officials have accused the separatist forces in eastern culprit. Based in the Ukraine where the allegations made​​? 2 Kiev can explain their details using rocket launchers in a war zone like? And why these systems are deployed in the eastern separatist forces do not have any aircraft? 3 Why Ukraine officials do not act to establish an international commission of MH17 accident? When such a committee to start working? 4 Does the Armed Forces of Ukraine are willing to allow international investigators to see the lists of to-air missiles and air-to, including rocket launchers used in the SAM ? 5 Does the international committee have access to tracking data from reliable sources concerning the operation of fighter Ukraine on disaster? 6 Why did the air traffic control staff Ukraine allows aircraft diverted from the usual route to the north, through “the campaign against terrorism”? 7 Why airspace over the combat zone are not subject to civil flights, especially when the area is not totally in locating radar systems? 8 Kiev can comment on how information on social networks, is said to be an air traffic control staff Spain working in Ukraine, that there are two military planes flew Ukraine MH17 parallel to the territory of Ukraine? 9 Why Security Agencies Ukraine hasty review the recorded communications between air traffic control staff and crew MH17 with storage systems from radar data without waiting for the coroner Nations health? 10 Ukraine has learned any lessons from a similar incident in 2001, when a Tu-254 plane crashed into the Black Sea from Russia? On 04/10/2001, in the framework of the exercises in Crimea, Ukraine army has not launched missiles, which struck the airline’s aircraft Siberia Airlines when it was en route from Tel Aviv (Israel) to Novosibirsk (Russia). All the 78 people on board were killed when the aircraft crashed into the Black Sea. Ukraine officials initially denied any involved in the incident, until the irrefutable evidence proving that the country’s armed forces is the culprit.

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