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20 Reasons "Frasier" Is The Best Sitcom Of All Time

Frasier premiered 20 years ago today. Man, I still don't know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs.

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1. It's so good that Seattle even had "Frasier Crane Day" — and Kelsey Grammer sang the theme song, live.

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15. There was that time Roz dated future president Fitzgerald Grant*.

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*OK, OK, Tony Goldwyn was playing a garbage man named Roger (who she later dumped for being a garbage man). But can you imagine?

18. But on top of great punchlines, the writers weren't afraid to bum you out a little.


Like when Martin took a few minutes to contemplate his own mortality after Niles gave him his old police horse, in "The Gift Horse."

20. And in 2004, after 11 seasons, Frasier ended more beautifully than any show I've ever seen.

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No, YOU'RE crying.


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