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    We Tried Native American Cuisine And It Was So Good

    "My poop is going to be perfect."

    We asked a couple people who had never tried Native American cuisine to taste a few dishes...and to be honest, each food tasted better than the last.

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    The first dish was Wild Rice Salad...

    …And the reactions were pretty spot-on. Not only does it taste good, but it’s not bad for you! Say goodbye to fast food joints.

    We don’t realize how much crap we put into our bodies on the daily until we eat healthy.

    We soon learned though that the dish is not actually rice, it’s grass seed – making it even healthier.

    When we told everyone else that they weren’t actually eating rice they were shocked but they still enjoyed it.

    Our next dish was Three Sisters Stew.

    It reminded some people of their own family dishes.

    The dish is called Three Sisters Stew because the three ingredients are beans, corn, and squash. These three vegetables would all grow together; the corn stock would grow first, the bean stock would grow up the corn stock, and the squash would cover the ground protecting the root system.

    Some people even noticed similarities in African American culture and Latin culture.

    Overall, Three Sisters Stew was definitely a winner.

    Our last dish was Frybread Tacos.

    The Frybread Taco is full of deliciousness. It has fried bread, chile, meat and beans.

    Safe to say everyone was a huge fan of the tacos.

    Not only was the food amazing, but everyone gained a better understanding of the importance of learning about different cultures.