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    This Is What Happens When You Try CrossFit For Two Months

    This will be interesting.

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    CrossFit has become a huge trend that gym rats everywhere swear by. So what happens when three normal people try this high-intensity workout for two months?

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    Shane was pretty nervous to start... and who could blame him?

    "Because I probably won't be."

    And the first session went just about as well as they could have expected.

    The struggle was sooooo real.

    But after a couple of weeks...

    ...the gang started getting into it.

    That was until they reached the halfway point, and Shane stopped showing up because his "busy schedule."

    Maycie decided to do a little investigating and find out how many classes he had missed. Which it turns out... was A LOT.

    So Rocco and Maycie decide to get revenge on Shane by bringing the CrossFit to him... at work.

    Obviously they made him wear an embarrassing outfit...

    ...and invited all their co-workers to watch his workout.

    After thoroughly embarrassing Shane, the group decided to invite their seasoned CrossFit friends along for their last workout.

    Overall, while most of the Test Friends didn't feel CrossFit was for them, it did show them they're stronger than they realized.