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    One Woman Tried To Make New Friends And Failed...Kind Of

    "I would love to be in Ladylike."

    Finding real, down-ass friends can be tricky. So, this woman decided to make it her life’s mission to get out there and find some real friends, and things got a little creepy.

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    Meet Kelsey, a sweet, young, beautiful lady who was looking to join some type of squad.

    Mostly, though, she wanted to join Ladylike, one the coolest groups of women at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures.

    But, before assembling a squad, she asked some notable friend groups what they look for in participants:

    The Try Guys and the girls of Violet talked about supporting one another and having different roles in the group as important elements of a successful squad.

    And you could never have enough people in your crew as long as shit didn't get too crazy.

    The mission was set in stone; Kelsey even went above and beyond and set up hidden cameras. Her plan was to start a casual conversation with Ladylike and eventually slither her way into their hearts.

    But not everyone in Ladylike was amused by Kelsey's moves.

    And it showed.

    So it was back to the drawing board… what the hell would make Ladylike fall absolutely in love with Kelsey?

    She finally figured out how to steal their hearts, and even though she believed in herself, nobody else did.

    Her plan: Drop in Ladylike's shoot and join in all the fun without an invitation.

    These ladies were all like:

    But Kelsey realized that she approached this entire mission too aggressively and decided to abort it entirely.

    Even though things didn’t work out with Ladylike, Kelsey eventually ended up finding another squad! And it looks like things turned out well for her.

    The End. 👯