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Do You Sit Or Stand When You Wipe Your Butt?

Stand up for what you believe in! Or stay seated.

We had a bunch of men talk about whether they sit or stand when they wipe after pooping, and their reasons might just change your whole world.

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Lots of the men involved had no idea there was another way to wipe. I mean, look at how confused this sitter is!

On the other hand, this sitter used to be a stander, but changed his ways back in high school.

Meanwhile, this stander has tried sitting and just doesn't jive with it!

Let's hear the case for sitters:

They all gave some pretty great demonstrations.

The sitters wanted to let the standers know that their hands would be OK entering the bowl region.

But they were also adamant about keeping the poop below the toilet bowl.

This stander didn't like that with sitting you can't clearly survey your wipe. He felt that if you do look at the wipe, you could contaminate your body.

Butt, as a counterpoint, this sitter didn't think you can get a satisfactory wipe from standing because the motion makes your butthole close.

Now it was time for the standers rebuttal:

There were lots of groans coming from the sitters during the standing demonstration.

The sitters really didn't like the idea of throwing the TP into the bowl from such a distance, leaving lots of room for error.

Yet the standers were convinced that putting your hand into a toilet bowl to wipe is gross and unsanitary.

And what happens to the poop around your butthole when you go through the motion of standing up?

This stander had a technique for dealing with this issue.

Clearly there are two ways that this thing can be done. The point is, do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Except wiping from the front, that's f*cked up.