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    People Debated Whether Cats Or Dogs Are Better And Things Got Heated

    This is a conversation we need to have.

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    Here it is, guys, the ultimate debate: Cats Vs. Dogs.

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    Be sure you're sitting down. Shit's about to get real.

    First up, the dog dudes state their case.

    The obvious "man's best friend" argument was made...

    People brought up that dogs can help the blind and also protect the shit out of you.

    And, you know, dogs can be trained to do cool circus stuff.

    "I heard, "uh, my cat's around here'll see her. She'll make you sneeze."

    Also, dogs make you sexy and fit!

    But cat people were quick to rebuttal.

    But then 9/11 got brought in for a wildcard move.

    It was time for the cat crew to speak their piece!

    Cats are independent AF.

    To be a cat owner, you don't have to be that responsible because of their independence.

    They're the purrrfect pet if you're looking to have a vision quest.

    "I'm not saying we endorse peyote here, but cats are the more peyote friendly..."

    Cat people WENT OFF on how annoying it is to pet dogs.

    Also, like, purring is rad. And healing!

    The cat community felt that cats aren't as dangerous as dogs.

    But the dog defendants were not so sure about that!

    The cat crew ended their argument by saying that you probably just don't like cats because you're allergic to them.

    At the end of the closing statements, it was clear that some friendships were now irreparably ruined from this whole cat vs. dog debate.

    1. So, who do you side with?

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    So, who do you side with?
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