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7 Ways The Kardashian-West Baby Could Be Debuted To The Public

It's shocking the Kardashians haven't released a photo of North West yet. They already turned down $3M from an Australian magazine - which is insane for the Kardashians! Here are predictions of how they will do so.

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Lion King

Yeezus actually thinks he's a God, and Mufasa kind of was one. What more fitting way to debut North than to hold her high from a cliff while all the minions gather below? Elton John will play in the background.

On a play date with Blue Ivy

Just as Beyonce has to put up with Kim, Blue Ivy will have to put up with North because their dads are BFFLs. She actually is royalty in America, not a chaser of it. Blue Ivy ain't got time for that.

Scott is the whistleblower

Can't you see it? Lord Disick gets super drunk in the club in NYC, takes out his phone, shouts about North West, and shows the whole club pictures of her birth. Kim finds out, cries to Kourtney, and Kourtney continues making Scott sleep in a different room. Nothing changes.

Kim sells out

She ends up on the cover of People with North. In doing so, Kanye breaks up with her and a huge custody battle happens. It's really just the inevitable happening quicker than we might have expected it to.

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