15 Reasons "Freaks And Geeks" Should Have Never Been Canceled

After being canceled after one season (which is ridiculous), we wish we could go back in time to 2000 and convince NBC execs to order a second season based on these reasons below.

1. Disco/Parisian night suits

“Oh hey, Cindy.”

2. Shia LeBouf before he was a douche

3. Nick’s 29-piece drum set

He’s got a bigger set than Bill Peren from Rush.

4. Streaking

5. The cast was amazing

This show should have never been canceled and if pitched today, no one would ever turn this cast down. Networks would fight over a teen comedy by Judd Apatow. Every person in this picture has been successful.

6. Crushed high school dreams

Every high school band realizes at some point they just aren’t good.

7. Dungeon and Dragons

8. The school mascot

It’s a giant Norseman

9. Getting drunk for the first time

10. The Weir family

Their relationship is fantastic and real.

11. Learning it’s ok to be yourself

12. Millie

13. Making up and making out

In your friend’s kitchen.

14. James Franco has always been good looking

15. Uncomfortable high school relationships

We can all relate.

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