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8 Plus Size SHOPPING Problems

The struggle is real

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1. Places not having your size


When somewhere doesn’t have your size you feel mortified and fed up especially when you walk in to a shop, look at the sizes, realise they don’t have yours and then leave, the embarrassment is real.

2. But when they do you buy like everything


When I find something thats in my size in a shop and that I can actually try on and have a variety of other sizes that I can try if this one doesn’t fit right and not just the one if any is a GOD SENT

3. Having to internet shop which means not being able to try things on which can be a pain


Not being able to try on clothes that you like is horrific. If they don’t fit then you have to send them back, wait for the money to go back in your account and then order a different size, wait for them to come and even then you might not like the look of them and then just have to repeat the process. So much hard work for a bloody top.

4. Shopping with other people is a burden especially when they are half your size


This is awful especially when they are like ‘try something on’ but there is nothing in your size but you don’t want to say that because you are too embarrassed so you just get something that is too small go to the changing room and then say ‘hmm this just doesn't look right’ and then quickly take it off before they ask to see. They are also rocking whatever they try on and you end up feeling huge.

5. Finding something that fits all of you


When you finally think that you have something that fits one part of you, it then does not fit the rest, for example ‘ shit yeah this fits my boobs, but I look pregnant’

6. Finding comfy shoes for wide feet

It's not that easy! Having wide feet is a burden, meaning that you have to get a bigger size than what you are which means that they don’t fit you properly and they hurt.

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