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21 Songs That’ll Make Studying Less Painful

Got exams? You'll need these killer jams.

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8. "If I Ain't Got You" - James Bay

The Alicia Keys original is a thing of beauty. But if you're a fan of covers, you'll love how James Bay takes the original and makes it his own. Just like you should with the theories you reference in your next essay.

15. "Deadwater" - Wet

You'd expect to see this song on a party playlist, not a study one. But thanks to the softness in lead singer Kelly Zutrau's voice, this up-tempo track is just mellow enough for a study sesh.

17. "Travelling Song" - Ryn Weaver

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The lyrics in this sweet folksy number will speak to any student's soul. ♫ Nobody knows where we are going. Oh how we try to wrap our minds over the edge of all our knowing. ♫

18. "Float On" - Modest Mouse

This is yet another song with a positive uplifting message - when times get tough we just float on. And when you're studying, you need all the encouragement you can get.

Listen to the whole playlist here!

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