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    Posted on 14 Oct 2015

    21 Songs That’ll Make Studying Less Painful

    Got exams? You'll need these killer jams.

    1. "Skinny Love" - Bon Iver

    This iconic song is perfect for kicking off your study session. It’s calming and it's a classic.

    2. "Friends" - Raury ft. Tom Morello

    The beat on this track is so strong. It'll psyched you up for even the hardest of study seshs!

    3. "Four Seasons" - Vivaldi

    Simon Jeacle / Getty Images

    4. "I Met Up With The King" - First Aid Kit

    Since the vocals on this song are powerful, there's no way you'll fall asleep studying to this semi-chilled out track.

    5. "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" - Fleet Foxes

    If you like modern folk music, this is your jam. Fleet Foxes truly nail that genre. A bit like how you're going to nail your next assessment!

    6. "The Plains / Bitter Dancer" - Fleet Foxes

    This song has a rather ominous feel to it. And the omen is a good one for studying.

    7. "Blank Space" - Rhodes

    BBC One

    If you find the original song a little too boppy for exam period, why not try this cover. Rhodes gives the Taylor Swift hit a new, more soothing feel.

    8. "If I Ain't Got You" - James Bay

    The Alicia Keys original is a thing of beauty. But if you're a fan of covers, you'll love how James Bay takes the original and makes it his own. Just like you should with the theories you reference in your next essay.

    9. "Cirrus" - Bonobo

    This song is completely instrumental, which is great for when you're reading something dense and you don't want the lyrics to distract you.

    10. "Like Knives" - City and Colour

    This breathy, acoustic track is the kind that'll keep your head clear when tackling a really hard maths problem.

    11. "Beach Bummer" - A.C. Newman

    This unique track mixes acoustic guitar with synth, which is a pretty daring combo. But that's what gives it the perfect tempo for a study jam.

    12. "Small Hands" - Keaton Henson

    This is yet another very chill track for a calming stress-free study sesh.

    13. "Birds of a Feather" - The Civil Wars

    This song couples an uplifting chord structure with a bluesy acoustic vibe. Perfect for some mid-essay motivation.

    14. "Weak" - Wet

    For a mellow song, “Weak” has a surprisingly punchy chorus. That's something you'll find rather refreshing whilst doing your readings.

    15. "Deadwater" - Wet

    You'd expect to see this song on a party playlist, not a study one. But thanks to the softness in lead singer Kelly Zutrau's voice, this up-tempo track is just mellow enough for a study sesh.

    16. "Orinoco Flow" - Enya

    Anything Enya is perfect for stressful exam prep. Her voice is like a nice warm bath for the soul.

    17. "Travelling Song" - Ryn Weaver

    Rick Kern / Getty Images

    The lyrics in this sweet folksy number will speak to any student's soul. ♫ Nobody knows where we are going. Oh how we try to wrap our minds over the edge of all our knowing. ♫

    18. "Float On" - Modest Mouse

    This is yet another song with a positive uplifting message - when times get tough we just float on. And when you're studying, you need all the encouragement you can get.

    19. "The Next Messiah" - Jenny Lewis

    This song is a nearly nine minutes long. But unlike studying, it's not a drag. The tune and tempo changes up every few minutes. So it's almost like listening to a mini-playlist.

    20. Lionsong - Björk

    Björk is another great artist who was made for study playlists. If the title of this track wasn't enough to rev you up, its punchy beat will be.

    21. "Hypnotize" - Notorious B.I.G.

    Studying isn't really anyone's favourite thing to do. But when listening to a song like this, it's hard not to be in a good mood.

    Listen to the whole playlist here!

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