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This Muslim TV Host Gave An Incredible Speech Following The Paris Terror Attacks

"I'm pretty sure that right now none of us wants to help these bastards."

The Project host Waleed Aly produced a powerful editorial for the Australian TV show's first episode following the Paris terror attacks, saying ISIS is much weaker than it wants the public to believe.

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Aly said that in ISIS's monthly magazine, Dabiq, the group has admitted to taking credit for terrorist attacks it's never funded in order to appear more powerful than it is.

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He said that through a false image of omnipotent terror, ISIS aims to create a divide between Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide, leading to a "great war".

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“There is a reason ISIL still want to appear so powerful," he said, "why they don’t want to acknowledge that the land they control has been taken from weak enemies, that they are pinned down by airstrikes, or that just last weekend they lost a significant part of their territory.

“ISIL don’t want you to know they would quickly be crushed if they ever faced a proper army on a battlefield.

“They want you to fear them. They want you to get angry. They want all of us to become hostile, and here is why – ISIL’s strategy is to split the world into two camps. It is that black and white. Again, we know this because they told us.”

Aly concluded the segment with a message of hope, saying "we all need to come together".

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"If you're a Muslim leader telling your community they have no place here, or a non-Muslim basically saying the same thing, you're helping ISIL," he said. "They have told us that...and I'm pretty sure that right now none of us wants to help these bastards."

The speech was an instant viral smash, racking up more than 60,000 Facebook shares and thousands of positive comments in just a few hours. (UPDATE: The post now has more than 300,000 shares and 10 million views)

Bravo to Waleed Aly for dealing with ISIL in the way most needed right now. Unity stifles the barbaric bastards #TheProjectTV

Waleed Aly's voice should be heard above just about any other Australian's on this matter. Here's why.

#TheProjectTV Waleed Aly you just rocked our Monday night. Hats off to you! #peace #freedom #respect

Can't believe I'm going to say this but... Waleed Aly actually said some poignant things on ISIL tonight. #TheProjectTV

Waleed Aly intelligent, articulate, on not playing into IS hands Love this gorgeous being! #auspol #TheProjectTV

Waleed Aly just brought me to tears. His address should be replayed over and over on the news-not clips of the attacks! #TheProjectTV

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