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    20 Oct 2015

    27 Things All Former Peer Support Leaders Will Totally Relate To

    Stickers EVERYWHERE.

    1. Becoming a peer support leader was the greatest privilege.


    If you were lucky, your journey began in Year 6.

    2. Though you never understood why your teacher trusted you with that kind of responsibility.

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    3. But that didn't stop you from flaunting your peer support badge like a boss!


    4. Teachers promised that you'd be partnered up with your friends.


    5. But somehow you always ended up with that one person who was shyer than the kids you were peer-supporting.


    6. In Year 6, you had fun playing with all the cute kindergarteners.

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    7. But then Year 7 happened and you suddenly went from being peer support leader to the peer-supported one.

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    8. Once you got to Year 10, however, the peer support leadership fun began again.


    But now the stakes were higher.

    9. To prove how serious you were, you even added your new title to the top of your resume.

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    Which you now needed for work experience placements.

    10. Skipping class to do peer support was the best.


    Missing double maths? YAAASS!

    11. That was until you realised how much work you had to catch up on.


    12. It was never not awkward talking about feelings when no one wanted to talk about feelings.

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    13. Sometimes you looked at the session's agenda and wished you could tell these kids the truth about life.


    14. So you regularly got told off by teachers for not following the teaching guide and talking about random shit instead.

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    15. All your pocket money was used up to buy lollies for your peer support group.

    16. Sometimes you even had to buy your own pipe cleaners for craft activities.

    17. Stickers were a legitimate form of currency.

    18. In fact, their adhesive properties held your peer support group together.


    Both literally and figuratively.

    19. And if your stickers weren't cool enough, your peer support kids would call you out on it.


    20. You were always comparing your group of kids with every other leader's group of kids.


    21. You totally had one kid in your group who reminded you of yourself.


    22. But there was also that one shitty kid in your group who'd always try to break you.


    23. And it took everything in you not to cry in front of them.

    Roadshow Entertainment

    Puberty makes everything worse.

    24. Filling out those progress reports at the end of every session were death.

    Christopher Robbins / Getty Images

    25. There were times when you thought peer support was such a waste.

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    26. But you told yourself that if you could change one kid's life for the better, it'd all be worth it.


    27. Which is why when you see kids from your peer support group years later, you can't help but feel a little nostalgic.

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