23 Struggles All People With Really Long Names Will Relate To


    1. Learning to spell your name was incredibly challenging for you, more so than any other kindergartener.

    2. In fact it might have taken making up a song or rap to learn how to spell it right.

    3. You felt unfairly disadvantaged when sitting an exam and they didn't let you fill your name out before it started.

    4. And if that exam was a bubble test, the struggle was even greater.

    5. When you had a substitute teacher at school, you automatically said you were present when you knew your name was up next.

    6. Because, even if your name is spelled phonetically, its sheer length is enough to intimidate anyone.

    7. People tell you that saying your name is like a verbal marathon.

    8. There is always that one person who still mispronounces your name in spite of you having corrected them a million times.

    9. And if you're called up on stage for an award, your name usually gets massacred in front of hundreds of people.

    10. There's also a good chance your name isn’t even spelt correctly on that award.

    11. You have do the "A for Apple, B for Ball" thing when you spell your name aloud for someone else.

    12. Which means it's always a time-consuming activity.

    13. Especially when you're on the phone, and you have to repeat each letter a million times over.

    14. But if the person is next to you, you grudgingly offer to write it for them to save time.

    15. Official forms hardly ever leave enough space for all the letters in your name.

    16. You find Twitter's character limits on names plain spiteful.

    17. If you're a woman, people keep telling you that you should marry someone with a really short surname.

    18. Or they suggest you marry someone with an even longer name than your own and hyphenate.

    19. If your last name is already hyphenated, you wonder why your parents couldn't have just flipped a coin and given you one surname.

    20. People always try to abbreviate your name even when you hate it.

    21. Or they enjoy turning it into stupid puns.

    22. When your name is really long, autocorrect doesn't misspell it. It gives up on it altogether.

    23. But then again, even you've misspelt your own name.