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    16 Times Being Single At A Wedding Was The Worst

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    We asked BuzzFeed Community what the worst thing to happen to them as a single person at a wedding was. And we got some interesting responses…

    1. When the dance floor is as dangerous as the Hunger Games.


    "This annoying guy had been asking me to dance with him all night and wouldn't take no for an answer. I finally said OK. While dancing he accidentally hit me in the face, knocking my glasses to the floor, and then immediately bailed instead of apologising or helping me while I was blindly looking for them in the dark between people dancing."


    2. When the damn couples' song comes on.


    "When the DJ invited all of the couples to join the bride and groom on the dance floor…and it was just me left at the tables… and the bartender."


    3. When the open bar is both your best friend and worst nightmare.


    "So I was at my friend's wedding, and obviously took advantage of the open bar. I was dancing with one of my friend's super cute brothers, who I didn't realise was as drunk as I was. When he went to dip me, we both went barreling down to the floor, not nearly as gracefully as I would have hoped. To make matters worse, after we got up the wedding videographer went to me 'Don't worry, I got the whooooooole thing on tape!'"


    4. When precocious little kids ruin beautiful moments.


    "I started crying at my cousin's wedding because it was emotional and the flower girl asked me if I was crying because I was single and wanted a boyfriend to marry."


    5. When you get a glimpse into the future and it's not so bright.

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    "During my maid of honour speech, I made a joke about being the bride and groom's third wheel forever. Later on, there was a 'married couples' dance.' The last couple on the dance floor were so old that someone needed to stand next to them to make sure they didn't fall down while dancing. The bride's drunk aunt ran over to me and told me that that could be me one day - the person standing next to the elderly couple dancing. Third wheel forever."

    —Casey Cox, Facebook

    6. When your grandparents try to set you up with literally anyone.

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    "My grandmother tried to set me up with my cousin."

    —Vanessa Sanchez, Facebook

    7. And when they use the I'm-old-and-might-die-at-any-moment card on you.

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    "In the receiving line of my brother's wedding, I got patted on the arm multiple times and told, 'Maybe one day it will be you.' My grandpa later told me that I better hurry up and get married before he dies. I was only 22 at the time."


    8. When it comes to the bouquet toss and you're everyone's charity case.


    "I was one of two adult single females eligible for the bouquet toss (to be fair, a lot of little girls did join us), and the bride literally turned around and fast-balled it directly at me. I was 29 and not drunk enough for that nonsense."

    —Sarah Henry, Facebook

    9. And when the bouquet gets physically given to you.

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    "I was GIVEN the bouquet. Some lady whom I had never met caught it fair and square. Later in the evening, I was sitting chatting with my guy friends and this total stranger comes over, gives me the bouquet, and says 'I was told you need this more than me.'"

    —Marlena Morton, Facebook

    10. When you're the only single guy in the room above the age of eight.


    "At a large wedding, the DJ asked for all the single men to come to the floor to catch the garter belt. Out of 700 people it was just me and this 8-year-old kid. The DJ actually said 'Well this is awkward'. I immediately walked off and the kid was given the belt. FML."


    11. When you're stuck at the singles table.

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    "When they say, 'oh you get to sit at the single men's table' ... I'm gay. They were not."


    12. And when you leave the singles table more single than when you arrived.


    "I brought my sister as my plus one to a friend's wedding, and we got sat at the 'singles table'. Turns out the only other singles at the table where two guys who wouldn't make eye contact or conversation with us all night. But they talked to the other four people at the table…"


    13. When photo time becomes infinitely more awkward because you don't have a date.


    "I was a bridesmaid at my cousin's wedding. After the ceremony, the bridal party took photos together with their significant others in a variety of loving poses. I wasn't allowed to be excused from this photo series, and had to stand with my brother…"


    14. When you decide to take your friend as a date and it backfires big time.


    "At the reception, my date (who was just a friend, but interested in me) approached the table and stood beside me. The other guests assumed we were dating, and after one commented that they wanted a future wedding invite, my date replied 'we're working on it' while awkwardly patting me on the head."


    15. When even the one person who isn't technically invited pities you.


    "When I was 25 my best friend was getting married. After the ceremony, I pulled out the marriage certificate for the Justice of the Peace to sign. While signing it, he asked me where my husband/boyfriend was. I said, 'I don't have one.' His reply? 'You're too pretty to be single.' Thanks for the reminder that I'm alone when I'm trying to block it out while sober. I really appreciate that."


    16. And when you do ~get lucky~ after all.

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    "I hooked up with a guy whose hotel room was next to my parents'. The next morning I went to their room to say hi and immediately my dad walked in and said, 'So it seems one of the guys next door had a good night last night if you know what I mean.' My mom replied 'Oh I heard that too! What time was that, around 5?'"


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    Note: Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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