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    27 Moments You'll Totally Understand If You Have A Gym Crush

    I think I've found my ~swolemate~!

    1. When you're at the gym and the perfect human walks by.

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    2. When watching them ~be~ is enough to make your heart rate rise.


    3. When you catch your reflection in the large mirrored-walls and regret wearing those track pants.


    So much for first impressions.

    4. When the song playing through the gym's speakers is the score to your romantic journey.

    Big Machine

    5. When you watch them get a drink.


    6. When you watch them squat.

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    7. Really when you watch them do anything.


    8. Except when there are times you probably shouldn't.

    9. When they catch you looking and you try to casually impress them.

    10. When you create a whole backstory for them based on tidbits you overhear.

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    11. When you derive personality traits from their physique.

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    Working out is a big commitment. So they're clearly not a commitment-phobe.

    12. When you're convinced you've found your ~swolemate~.


    13. When they motivate you to go to the gym more often.


    Your body thanks their body.

    14. When you coordinate your gym routine to make sure you're there when they are.

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    15. When your crush sometimes arrives at the gym the moment you're done.

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    16. Or when they don't turn up at all.

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    17. When you try to be sexy and instead drown your crush in sweat.


    Yep. Smoooooth.

    18. When your gym crush finally asks you to spot them.

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    Mostly because you're the only other person there within a five-metre radius.

    19. When you're glad you can blush in front of them because it just looks like you did a lot of cardio.

    20. When you're not sure whether your endorphins come from love or exercise.


    Probs love though.

    21. When you see another person hit on your crush.


    22. When you finally ask them out on a date.

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    Or a protein shake. Idk.

    23. When it backfires.

    24. When it gets awkward.


    25. And when you're not sure whether going to the gym is still worth it.


    26. When you remind yourself how much your annual membership cost you.


    And you still have eight months to go.

    27. And when you tell yourself it's going to be OK, because you can keep admiring you gym crush from afar.

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