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    27 Australian Signs That Don't Give A Damn

    We just don't care.

    1. This get-your-priorities-in-order sign.

    2. This all-inclusive sign.

    3. This sign that redefines "flood".

    4. This creatively-vandalised sign.

    5. This sign that's both roadwise and streetwise.

    6. This sign that learned the hard way.

    7. This sign that explains where babies come from.

    8. This one for the modern dad.

    9. This we-saved-your-marriage sign.

    10. This sign that doesn't sugarcoat.

    11. This rather ~helpful~ sign.

    12. This sign that's all about love.

    13. This sign that gives no shits.

    14. This do-your-best-doorbell-impression sign.

    15. This sign that is open for interpretation.

    16. This sign that reopens old wounds.

    17. This interactive sign.

    18. This I-watch-too-many-horror-films sign.

    19. This we-call-them-like-we-see-them sign.

    20. This sign that proves the government isn't above an innuendo.

    21. This sign that escalated quickly.

    Wesley Monts / Getty Images

    22. This sign for our North American visitors.

    23. This common-sense-is-not-very-common sign.

    24. This sign / parenting guide.

    25. This warm and welcoming sign.

    26. This sign that is straight up #sorrynotsorry.

    27. And this sign that was just classic 'Straya.

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