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    23 Times Australia’s Aesthetic Was On Fleek

    Australia is killing it on Instagram.

    1. When it coordinated crystal blue skies with crystal blue seas.

    2. And accessorised with some mountains.

    3. When its animals knew how to strike a pose.

    4. Even in silhouette.

    5. When its humans took lifestyle advice from its marine life.

    6. When its capital nailed the preppy look.

    7. When it turned up the heat in this red number.

    8. When its shores swept you off your feet.

    9. When its skies were blended to perfection.

    10. When its turtles knew the power of mixed prints.

    11. When it gave you skyline envy.

    12. When sunrises on the sand was something it did on the regular.

    13. When it was fierce as hell from an aerial view.

    14. When it was all about catching a good wave.

    15. When its inhabitants were never too busy to stop and say "G'Day, Mate!".

    16. When its caves were far from dark and scary.

    17. When its animals participate in synchronised swimming events.

    18. When it held you spellbound.

    19. When it lead the way to paradise.

    20. When it asked you to pop in for a cuppa.

    21. When it was calm, quiet, and serene.

    22. When it knew how to have fun with a splash.

    23. And when it stood proud and tall, for the great majestic land it is.

    Aesthetics, brah.

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