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21 Tumblr Posts That Are Way Too Real For People With Hayfever

*snivels violently*

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1. This post that gave hayfever a mascot.

2. This post that speaks to your soul.

3. This test that you passed with flying colours.

4. This post that gives hayfever the thinnest of silver linings.

5. This post that makes you wish your face was detachable.

6. This post that makes you look at pollen in a whole new way.

7. This post that objectively explains what happens to your tear ducts.

8. This post that gives you major fashion envy.

9. This post that chronicles the greatest dilemma of them all.

10. This one that perfectly describes how well you multitask.

11. This one that shows how much your hayfever defies logic.

12. This post that makes you feel Mother Nature has it in for you.

13. This one that is a 100% accurate representation of when you sneeze.

14. This post that captures the visceral destruction you leave in your wake.

15. This post that explains your ability to sense a freshly-mowed lawn from a distance.

16. This metaphor that was pure Shakespeare.

17. This one about the time your pharmacy ran out of non-drowsy antihistamine.

18. This post that is equal parts sweet and gross.

19. This post that makes you relate to Tom Hiddleston on a much deeper level.

20. This post that illustrates your love/hate relationship with flowers.

21. And this post that gets you right in the feels.