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Four Things To Know About Terra Kota Army – Fascinating Facts About The First Qin Ruler’s Enigmatic Mausoleum

The Terracotta Army is one of the most famous historical finds in the world and is legendary for many reasons. Here are some interesting details that might have escaped your knowledge.

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Qin Shi Huang was Famous for His Cruelty

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Although Emperor Qin Shi Huang unified the nation and ushered in a bold new era of prosperity, he was also notorious for murdering scholars whose ideas he opposed, and for working his conscripted labourers to death on various grand projects.

The Burial Complex Might be Incomplete

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There were several massive pits that were uncovered at the archaeological site where the Terracotta Army is located, one with the soldiers, one with high-ranking officials, one with non-military personnel such as musicians, and an empty pit...suggesting that the burial complex was left unfinished.

Their Weapons were Extremely Advanced

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The weapons that were held by the soldiers of the Terracotta Army have aged extraordinarily well considering they have been under the Earth for more than two thousand years before they were discovered. If you’re staying at a nearby hotel such as Grand Park Xian, the sight of these weapons alone is something remarkable.

The Emperor’s Tomb Still Remains Buried

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It is believed that Emperor Qin Shi Huang was buried in a massive and luxurious tomb that still hasn’t been uncovered as it lies beneath a massive pyramid-shaped mound with rivers of mercury placed around it.

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