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Everything You Know Before Travelling To Maldives Planning For Paradise

The very name of “Maldives” itself brings a picture of paradise to our mind. If you’re one of the lucky ones heading over for a holiday in “paradise” here are some things that you must know.

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Preparing for Local Weather

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Blessed with sunshine almost the whole year through, the Maldives enjoys a tropical climate with hot and dry weather and temperatures varying between 26°C / 80°F and 32°C / 90°F. December to April is generally a popular time to visit since it is the dry season, while July to August is when the southwest monsoon is prevalent.

Getting to Know Local Cuisine

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Maldivian cuisine is made up of distinct flavors and aromas that can be quite exotic for first-time visitors. Seafood features prominently in local dishes, while a traditional meal is generally made up of rice, garudhiya which is a kind of fish broth and various spicy curries.

Make your hotel reservation before arriving

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Maldives is home to a range of luxury accommodation options such as Kurumba Maldives resort as well as budget hotels. However, it is always advisable to book your hotel online. The last thing you need is to be on a remote island with no accommodation, so book the Maldives resort of your choice online to avoid the hassle.

Choosing from Transport Options

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Traveling around the Maldives can be quite fun and exciting. Speedboats are an ideal way to get from the airport to your resort and offer thrilling rides on the water that let you take in the breathtaking coastal landscapes that abound. For more leisurely travel you can take a sailboat to explore the islands, while for a unique perspective there is always a seaplane ride that provides a bird’s eye view of this enchanting getaway.

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