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4 Things The Travel Industry Is Doing To Protect The Environment – From Water To Wastage

It is tragic how negative an impact the human race has managed to inflict on planet Earth, however entities within the travel industry around the world are taking measures to be more responsible.

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Especially in the Mediterranean, hotels, and resorts are implementing a series of measures to ensure that water is not wasted. These range from low-flush toilets to regular maintenance of plumbing fixtures.


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Entities throughout the globe are making it mandatory to use energy-saving bulbs, and now meticulously observe electricity meters, placed within every department, to reduce excessive energy usage. Many also use strategies such as utilising heat generated from various mechanisms to provide hot water.

Purchasing Policy

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It’s is almost unimaginable how much food is wasted in the hospitality industry, and most of this is due to over-purchasing, or areas related to procurement. The various measures taking place to reduce this include buying what’s necessary and procuring items locally to avoid pollution caused by transportation.

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