There Have Been Tons Of Great MCU Moments, But These 10 Are The Most Emotional Ones

    Not including the many death scenes!

    Not including the many, many emotional deaths Marvel has slammed us with, there have been several scenes that just hit us right in the feels.

    Withoutout further ado, here are 10 of the most emotional MCU moments of all time.

    🚨 Oh, and obviously, SPOILERS AHEAD!!! 🚨

    1. Ayo finally frees Bucky from Hydra's control

    On the top, Ayo says, "You are free," and on the bottom, Bucky covers his mouth with a fist as tears form in his eyes

    2. Wanda can't feel Vision's dead body

    Tears pour down Wanda's face

    3. Bruce and Natasha talk about not having a future together

    Bruce and Nat stare deeply into each other's eyes

    4. A journey through Loki's life

    Loki watches a screen where Odin says, "I love you, my sons"

    5. Iron Man, Captain America, and Winter Soldier fight in Civil War

    6. Clint and Yelena talking about Nat

    On the left, Yelena says, "I loved her so much" with tears in her eyes, and on the right, Clint replies, "Me too"

    7. Happy Hogan and Morgan Stark at Tony's funeral

    Happy puts his arm around Morgan as they sit together on a bench

    8. Yelena visits Natasha's grave

    On the top, Natasha's tombstone with flowers, cards and stuffed animals all around it, and on the bottom Yelena looking at the tombstone

    9. Killmonger's iconic final words

    10. And finally, Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man Saves MJ

    Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker holds MJ in his arms and tears well up in his eyes

    What are your favorite emotional MCU moments? Let us know in the comments.