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    The Most Unforgettable Pixar Scenes That Left Us Sobbing

    Carl and Ellie forever!

    1. In Coco, when Miguel sang "Remember Me" to Mamá Coco

    Pixar/ Disney

    Who could forget this moment when Miguel helped his grandmother remember her Papa by playing the song he used to sing for her? The beautiful moment tugged at both heart and guitar strings.

    2. When Woody says goodbye in Toy Story 4


    This was the one goodbye that we were all dreading. After all his years of being the best toy he could be to Andy and then Bonnie, Woody's last roundup happened in Toy Story 4. After finding Bo Peep again, Woody decides his place is with her. The scene ends in a tearful embrace between the two best buds, Woody and Buzz.

    3. Carl and Ellie's romance in the beginning of Up


    In the first few minutes of Up, Pixar gave us one of the sweetest love stories they've ever told. Though this portion of the story didn't make it to the end of the movie, Carl and Ellie's love is forever. They gave us a beautiful, heartwarming montage only to rip our hearts out a few moments later when Ellie died.

    4. When Dory finds her parents in Finding Dory


    Dory has been one of the most beloved characters in Pixar. When we were introduced to Dory's backstory, it was a lot to take in. After being separated from her parents as a baby, we learn that Dory's parents have been waiting for her in the same place for years, and there she finds them.

    5. Sulley sees Boo again in Monsters, Inc.


    The bond between Sulley and the adorable Boo is not one that our childhoods will forget. Sometime after being forced to say goodbye to Boo, Mike surprises Sulley with Boo’s now repaired door. Sulley then gets the chance to see Boo again, ending the film with a sweet, emotional moment that could have ended in whatever way we'd like it to.

    6. When WALL-E remembers EVE after his memory was lost


    When WALL-E lost the memory of his life, it was painful to watch EVE realize he couldn't remember her either. But the moment EVE holds his hand and he remembers her... well, that moment right there was full of so much genuine emotion that for a second, you forget they're robots.

    7. When Andy says goodbye to his toys in Toy Story 3


    You're lying if you say this one didn't get to you. It got to us all. This right here was one of Pixar's most iconic scenes ever, full of nostalgia and sentiment. When Andy has to hand over his toys to Bonnie, this marked the end of an era for Toy Story. Bonnie waving goodbye to Andy with Woody's hand felt like I was saying goodbye to my childhood. The scene was a perfectly balanced representation of the joys of childhood and the pains of adulthood.

    8. When Ian sacrificed meeting his dad so his brother could say goodbye


    Pixar's newest addition, Onward, didn't fail to deliver a tearjerker of its own at the end of the film. Ian (Tom Holland) gave his brother Barley (Chris Pratt) the chance to say goodbye to their dad (who had died), even though it meant he could never meet him.