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    Updated on Jun 30, 2020. Posted on Jun 27, 2020

    14 Fan Favourite LGBTQ TV Couples Of 2020

    TV's most influential LGBTQ couples of 2020.

    When you take a look at the many TV shows, stories and characters that are currently contributing to the massive, ever evolving landscape of LGBTQ representation in pop culture, compared to what it was years ago, TV has changed in ways for us to be proud of.

    TV has given us multiple characters and ships to love and root for. From The CW to Netflix, HBO to Hulu, Freeform to BBC. Now more than ever before, we see see more and more characters and ships on our screens from the LGBTQ community. The importance of that cannot be overlooked.

    The CW

    As we wrap up pride month 2020, I'm counting down a few of our favourite LGBTQ couples of the year 2020 so far.

    1. Michael and Alex (Roswell New Mexico)

    The CW

    From high school sweethearts, to heartbreak, to evil parents, to deployment, to conspiracies and other loves. Michael (Michael Vlamis) and Alex (Tyler Blackburn) continue to weather it all, and it's only season 2.

    *One of the most influential LGBT couples on TV right now. One thing that makes this couple so special is the fact that playing the character Alex helped actor Tyler Blackburn come out to the public as Bisexual in 2019. Leading to a truly inspiring story. Not to mention the chemistry between these two is cosmic.

    2. Victor and Benji (Love, Victor)


    Love, Victor just premiered and already fans are in love with the shows new couple Victor (Michael Cimino) and Benji (George Sear), with their amazing chemistry and beautiful story, can you blame them?

    *Love, Victor is one of the only shows who's main character is a gay Latino. This entire show is about Victor coming to terms with his sexuality, it is a perfect coming out show for this generation.

    3. Coop and Patience (All American)

    The CW

    Surviving gang wars, making music, falling in love. All this while navigating being gay in high school. Coop (Bre-Z) and Patience (Chelsea Tavares) have got each other's backs.

    *In a time when representation couldn't be more important, both when it comes to black and LGBTQ characters, here on All American we have a couple that does both flawlessly.

    4. Adam and Eric (Sex Education)

    Netflix / Via

    From high school bully and out and proud gay, to secret lovers. These two are the definition of relationship development.

    *Adam and Eric are another couple that have broken stereotypes. The high school jock who made fun of the vibrant gay, is now simply a boy in love. Also they are a perfect example of another inter-racial couple on TV.

    5. Eve and Villanelle (Killing Eve)


    These two take the term dysfunctional relationship to the next level, and yet, their killer chemistry is undeniable.

    6. Holt and Kevin (Brooklyn Nine Nine)


    Whether it is for the loads and loads of PDA or the fact that deep down you know that you just want them to be your dads, everyone loves Raymond, and Kevin.

    *Holt and Kevin are one of the most rare gay, inter-racial couples on television, especially in sitcoms.

    7. Theo and Robin (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)


    The heartwarming story of Theo, transgender best friend of Sabrina the teenage only grows which each season, and so does his relationship with Robin.

    *Another special fact, Lachlan Watson identifies as non-binary, and their character Theo came out as transgender in Season 2.

    8. Fabiola and Eve (Never Have I Ever)


    Fabiola's struggle to find herself and share her truth is the coming out story every gay girls deserves. But all that confusion is made worth it when she meets the light at the end of the tunnel which is, Eve.

    9. Jamal and Kai (Empire)


    Jussie Smollett really left the show with a bang. The perfect ending to a story that spanned over 6 seasons.

    *Not only was Jamal (Jussie Smollett) and Kai's (Toby Onwumere) wedding an important occasion for the characters, but for pop culture. Their wedding episode marked the first Black Gay Wedding on network TV.

    10. Toni and Cheryl (Riverdale)

    The CW

    Running a school while dodging murderers, cults and stalkers isn't easy, but Cheryl (Madeline Petsch) and Toni (Vanessa Morgan) seem to be doing just fine. Despite a few mental breakdowns here and there.

    11. Patrick and David (Schitt's Creek)


    What's better than a happy couple? A happily married couple. After 6 seasons, Patrick and David finally tied the knot. They finally got the happy ending they deserve.

    12. Omar and Ander (Elite)


    The writers of the show continue to put these two and Omander fans through hell, especially in season 3 of Elite. However they still remain one of the shows best and strongest couples. They've made it through breakups, cheating, cancer and more. But hopefully the worst is behind them.

    13. Kat and Adena (The Bold Type)


    You know what they say about people who are made for each other finding their way back to each other right?

    14. Cameron and Mitchell and (Modern Family)

    Bonnie Osborne / ABC

    11 seasons, one wedding and 2 kids later, the story of one of TV's most beloved gay couples came to an end in 2020, with a new beginning for their family when the four move to Missouri. A fitting end for their iconic story.

    *Cam and Mitch are one of the longest lasting gay couples on TV. On one of TV's longest running comedies.

    And that's just the first half of 2020. Name some of your fav LGBTQ couples of the year in the comments.

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