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    11 Of TV's Hottest Period Drama Actors

    Before Regé-Jean Page there was.....

    One of the best things about period piece dramas.... the hot actors who play those dashing gentleman. You know, the ones with the soulful eyes, the debonair smiles and those velvety smooth accents. TV has given us so many gorgeous faces to drool over from over the last few years, but a certain few stick out. You might want to get your fan for this.

    1. Regé-Jean Page (Brigerton)


    It's safe to say that when Brigerton premiered and the world saw Rege, who is best known for his role on the ABC show For The People starring as the charming Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset, the internet almost broke. The amount of hotness we see in that show from this actor is just too much for this writer to put into words. Lets just say he had a lot of people drooling over their keyboards.

    2. Daniel Sharman (Medici the Magnificent, Cursed)


    Daniel Sharman's performance as Lorenzo De Medici was absolutely brilliant. His incredible acting portraying Lorenzo from a young adult up until his death throughout season 2 and 3 of Medici was nothing short of perfect, not to mention, he looked gorgeous while doing so. The Teen Wolf and The Originals star makes talking politics look damn good. But that wasn't the only period piece show we got to see him in, Daniel is currently starring in Cursed as the Weeping Monk. This man looks stunning wielding a sword.

    3. Henry Cavill (The Tudors)

    Showtime, MGM

    Henry Cavill is no Stranger to period pieces, the Superman actor has given so many brilliant performances in period piece films such as The Count of Monte Cristo, I Capture the Castle and The Immortals. His most notable performance being Charles Brandon in The Tudors. A role which he played for 4 seasons.

    4. Luke Pasqualino (The Musketeers)


    This British, italian actor has been acting in dramatic roles ever since he was a teen, having starred in Skins and also appearing on the Period Drama The Borgias, but it was in The Musketeers that we got to see the full capacity of his talents when he played Dartagnan. We got to see romance, drama, action, so much awesome action from Luke. Hands down the sexiest musketeer in the garrison who knows his way to a women's heart and is an excellent swordsman.

    5. Bradley James (Merlin, Medici)

    BBC TV, Netflix

    Bradley James melted a lot of hearts playing Prince Arthur on Merlin, and he did it again as Giuliano de' Medici in Medici the Magnificent. Bradley soon became a fan favorite after Merlin, and the same happened when he made his debut on Medici the Magnificent, I mean with that smile, can you blame him?

    6. Devon Terrell (Cursed)

    Courtesy Of Netflix / COURTESY OF NETFLIX

    Devon Terrell is breaking down boundaries with Netflix's empowering twist on the legend of King Arthur, and he is looking good while doing so. This charming version of Arthur is a fresh take on an iconic tale, and Devon does a great job of bringing this character to life and putting his own spin on it.

    7. Theo James (Sanditon)


    Theo James channels his inner Mr Darcy while playing the stoic Sidney Parker, and sure Mr Parker may be extremely dislikable at first, but Theo James sets a thirst trap from the start of the show that just wont let you stop watching. There's a nude sea bathing scene btw, yeah that happens.

    8. Torrance Coombs (Reign, The Tudors)

    Bernard Walsh / THE CW, Showtime

    After a small stint on The Tudors from 2009 to 2010 Torrance Coombs landed a starring role in The CW's Reign as Sebastian 'Bash' de Poitiers, brother of King Francis, and a Charming Bastard who catches the eye and the affections of quite a few people on the show.

    9. Aidan Turner (Poldark)


    Aidan Turner who is best known for his role as Kili in The Hobbit franchise stars as the impulsive British Army Captain Ross Poldark. We all love a man in uniform don't we?

    10. Sebastian de Souza (Medici, The Great)

    Hulu, Netflix

    It may not seem like it at first, but be prepared to fall in love with Sebastian de Souza after watching The Great. Maybe its his Charm, or maybe its how sweet his character is, whichever one, this actor captured our hearts as Sandro Botticelli on Medici and now he's doing it again as Leo on The Great.

    11. Sam Heughan (Outlander)


    This accomplished stage and screen actor best known for his leading role in Young Alexander the Great currently stars as the chivalrous young Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser in Outlander. A true romantic at heart, he is sensitive, loving and kind but still a.fierce protector of all his loved ones. You are in for some passionate acting and hunky shirtless scenes from Sam Heughan.


    Thank god for period pieces.

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