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Our Favorite Moments From Shameless Thus Far

TV's most shameless family has had quite the adventures over two seasons. Let's go back and talk about a few of our all-time favorite moments, from the hilarious to the heartfelt to the downright horrifying. For more new moments to cherish, catch the new season of Shameless Sundays at 9 PM (ET/PT) – only on SHOWTIME®. But for now, remember when...

1. The one with the stolen baby.

Back in season 1, Debbie kidnaps a baby, and the family has to plot to return her as the town goes crazy.

"I wanted a girl, but all they had was boys!"

2. The one that deserves a mic drop.

When absentee Gallagher mom Monica showed up to try and take Liam away from the family, it was too much for Fiona to take. In one of the show's best monologues, Fiona scolds her mother, praises her siblings, and drops the mic and exits stage left., leaving her mother to take care of the family. We all know how that turns out.

3. The one with the pee.

Frank begs for Lip's forgiveness after he drunkenly sleeps with Karen, and Lip decides there is one act of shaming that might just lead to a peace treaty.

4. The one with the child collateral.

Drunk Frank bets this dude $10,000 he can't take the heat from a taser. TWICE. I mean look at this guy. Of course he can. And of course, Frank doesn't have the money. So he uses Liam to win sympathy, and this dude just takes him as collateral, and the family had to go get him back.

5. The one with the heart-exploding sincerity.

We should probably say "Steve/Jimmy," but back in a simpler time when Steve was just Steve, he delivered some really heart-wrenching lines about the first time he saw Fiona, and it totally solidified our rooting for these two miserably star-crossed lovers to end up together... eventually. Maybe if Fiona needs a green card.

6. The one with true brotherly love.

Lip and Ian steal a car and get busted, but Ian has plans to join the army. In an act of brotherly love, Lip decides to take the fall and tells the police it was all his idea.

7. The one with the weird naked guy with a poker in his butt.

Marco finds out about Stefania and Steve, and the scene that unfolds is one of the more hilarious/terrifying moments of season 2. This is one is a little NSFW.

8. The one with the assisted suicide.

Peg's clock was always ticking, but she decided she no longer wanted to live and asked Sheila to kill her. In the most heartfelt murder scene of all time, Sheila honors her request by suffocating her, screaming "go to the light!" as she sits on her face.

9. The one with "We've got nothing to be ashamed of."

Mickey is chasing down Frank to try and protect his secret, and Ian is protecting Frank. In the heat of the moment, the two have a soul-crushing exchange which shows Mickey at his worst. But Ian standing up for their relationship is a huge win, even if it's just off the cuff. "We've got nothing to be ashamed of" has been immortalized as a battle-cry for these two.

10. The One With The Schemes

This isn't one moment, but several. Because there are so many.

Some of our favorites, in no particular order:

1. Fiona runs an unlicensed daycare center and lets Debbie run it while she sleeps off her night job

2. Lip sells drugs and beer out of an Ice Cream truck

3. Grammy gets Carl to buy cough syrup so they can make meth together

4. Frank perpetuating a year-long social security collection racket and having the family squat in what is essentially stolen house and then using a senile old lady they stole from the nursing home to cover up the lie

The list goes on!

The schemes are even crazier this time around... tune in to find out what the Gallaghers are cooking up now.