shalusharma I am Shalu a house wife from India.
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  • Bhang, The Cultural Marijuana

    Bhang is cannabis in Hindi. Bhang is popularly drunk in the form of a milkshake in India especially the festival of Holi. Its tradition to drink glasses of bhang lassi in Holi.

  • Train Surfing, Extremely Stupid Sport

    Training surfing is where one gets on a train and does stunts that are unimaginable. Some of these stunts are so good that one is stuck in wonder as to how they do it. But in reality they are very very dangerous.

  • Aryabhatta The Inventor Of Zero

    Aryabhatta was the first mathematician to use the concept of zero. Although he has not been credited for it since he not document about it. Nonetheless, its known that he was aware of the concept and even used it in his calculations. He has been credited for many mathematical and astrological discoveries. Some include the area of a triangle and sphere.

  • What Do Indians Wear?

    What do the Indian people wear. The Indian women sears the sari, salwar kameej and a host of local clothes. While the Indian men can ear kurta pajama, dhoti, lungi and pants and shirts.

  • Udaygiri And Khandagiri Caves

    Udaygiri and Khandagiri Caves are one of the 7 wonders of India. These 2 places are situated in Orrisa and attracts a large number of crowds not only in India but throughout the world.

  • Travel Tips To India

    Here are some travel tips to India. Being Indian myself, I take some of these precautions myself. I have learnt some of the things from experience and I believe as a tourist one needs to follow some of these tips to enjoy India to the fullest.

  • Indian Street Food

    India is not about site seeing, its also about trying the various food it has offer. There are more food varieties in Indian then any other country in the world.

  • How To Use The Indian Toilet

    If you ever go to India, you will get a culture shock as soon as you visit the bathrooms. You will see that the toilets are different compared to the western ones. Its simple to use, all you need to do is couch down in a squat position similar to what do yo do in the gym. What are your experiences of the squat toilets.

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