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How To Master Your Textbook/eBook


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Have you ever been assigned an eBook to read that what so long, you felt like you were drowning in words? Sometimes reading a 1000+ paged eBook can be difficult to grasp, and you lose interest. Your effort depletes, and you may even give up hope of ever understanding the book’s concept. Sure enough, if you don’t understand the assigned reading, it’s likely you’re not doing so well in class. Not doing well in class can only lead to one thing … FAILURE? Have no fear, Cengage is here, and you’re in luck! Here are some easy tips to learn how to read an eBook quickly and efficiently! With simple tips of highlighting, defining key terms and summarizing, you’ll be an e-book pro! These three steps will allow you to master your eBook and ace your class.

1.Highlighting: With a highlighter or page tabs, point out only important words or phrases, so when you look back in the reading, it’ll be easier to point out what you need to know.

2.Define: While reading an assigned chapter, define all titles, bolded and italic words. Things that are highlighted or bolded mean the writer of the book felt they were significant in regards to comprehension of the eBook.

3.Summarize: After reading an assigned chapter, write a brief summary on an index card and label it with the title of that chapter. You can then use these same note cards as flash cards when studying for exams or quizzes!

Congratulations, you just hacked your eBook! These awesome tips work for traditional textbooks, articles, and even your own in-class notes! Share these tips with a friend, and make them your own! So, what are some of your best eBook hacks?

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