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April, The Month Of BLOSSOMING And AWARENESS. Is Your Stress BLOSSOMING And Are You AWARE Of It?


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Are you experiences a loss of energy and motivation? Do you often feel overwhelmed and anxious? Chances are you’re stressed! College students have been proven to be some of the busiest people, considering school work, jobs, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a stable social life. With so many things to keep up on, experiencing stress is expected amongst college students. When you’re stressed it’s easy to fall behind in work, lose track of your social life and even become depressed. In order to successfully push through college, stress levels need to be as low as possible. BUT, have no fear, SHALOW is here!

Here are 3 ways to detect your stress level reduce it!

1.Feeling OVERWHELMED? Try listening to music! Certain types of music such as jazz, classical and your favorite tracks awaken parts of your brain even FOOD can’t touch. Music is a popular stress reliever that is known to enhance mood change, improve memory, and just make you feel good. So, turn on your favorite track and relax!

2.Feeling ANXIOUS? Try having a nice and healthy meal! Fruits and vegetables are some of the most enzyme-rich foods, along with grains and seeds. Enzymes provoke chemical reactions and those reactions can reduce your stress level! Who knew food could make you feel so good? I knew there was a reason for the urge to constantly buy snacks! No? Just Me? Okay …

3.Feeling a LOSS IN ENERGY? Get it back! Go for a quick jog, take a walk or head to the gym. Even though exercising makes you tired, it reduces stress by releasing some of the unhealthy toxins in your body and stimulating your nerve system! Getting in a good workout is said to give you more energy than it took to complete the whole workout.

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