Greg Koshak
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    • Greg Koshak

      For those of you who seem to enjoy or at least don’t care about the suffering of the condemned, lets hook up two fine grit slow turning grindstones at the end of an unclimbable vertical tube. We could install video and sound equipment and put the feed on the Internet. Then you could all watch the condemned be ground to death slowly over an extended period. The urge for revenge is strong but completely wrong if you want to have a civilized society. Justice is a reluctance to impose severe punishment or extended imprisonment with a resolve and a sincere belief that the punishment is necessary for the safety and improvement of society. I can’t see how the death penalty, AS IT IS APPLIED in this country or anywhere else in the world is justice or that it improves society. In theory, the death penalty could be justly applied, but apparently not by humans. People who kill unsympathetic victims, have money, good lawyers, are poorly prosecuted or can play on the sympathy or bias of the jury never are executed. If nothing else, the sentence is commuted by the governor or the appeals last until the prisoner dies of old age. We have prisons no one can escape from and we can release a person wrongly imprisoned, but after we execute someone it can’t be changed. Many violent criminals are not caught and often commit other crimes because we think we have the perpetrator and ignore all the connecting evidence to other crimes.

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